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Thank you to everyone who shared thoughts on how to strengthen Flint neighborhoods!


Nine hundred residents shared their views through telephone and online opinion surveys conducted in the first half of 2019. Key findings are summarized, including ratings for different aspects of life in Flint. Ratings are based on a scale of one to five, in which five means “very positive” and one means “very negative.” For more information about how the ratings were calculated, see Methodology.


This section highlights survey results regarding what’s working and what needs improvement. If a section of Focus on Flint does not include information about Things to Celebrate or Things to Improve, it’s because the survey didn’t yield responses to fit the categories.


In addition to results of the opinion survey, Focus on Flint shares information that local nonprofit organizations and agencies have reported hearing from the residents they serve.


Support for the organizations and programs presented in bold text includes funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which produced this report. To learn more, visit the Foundation’s website, Mott.org.


Each section includes data and statistics that illuminate strengths of the Flint community and highlight challenges. These facts were collected through opinion surveys of Flint residents; from city, state and federal agencies; and from local nonprofit organizations. The Flint surveys were conducted in the first half of 2019. Unless otherwise noted, all remaining data are from 2018.


This section highlights organizations and programs working to address issues in the Flint community and provides information about how to connect with them.


Focus on Flint explores nine important issues facing the local community: Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Health, Housing, Public Safety, Quality of Life, Standard of Living and Water. This section describes why each issue is critical to the community and summarizes work underway.


Here’s a brief recap:

  • More than 400 residents and business owners took part in 29 Focus on Flint community conversations.
  • They made it clear that their top priority is a focus on neighborhoods.
  • The Mott Foundation announced that we would grant $1 million in 2020 to strengthen Flint’s neighborhoods — and that we would ask community members to share ideas and vote on where the money should go.
  • Based on concerns shared during the community conversations, we asked for ideas in four categories:
    • beautification/neighborhood cleanup;
    • home improvements;
    • demolition; and
    • streetlight and sidewalk repair.
  • Throughout November 2019, more than 440 people — the majority of whom identified themselves as Flint residents — submitted a total of 625 ideas.
  • The category that received the most ideas was beautification/neighborhood cleanup, followed by home improvements.

Nine Flint residents were chosen for the Mott Foundation’s Community Panel

The Mott Foundation team has appreciated the opportunity to engage with so many residents in a variety of ways during the Focus on Flint initiative thus far. Between Feb. 12 and 19 we received over 100 applications for the Mott Foundation Community Panel. Thank you to everyone who applied! The passion and commitment residents have for Flint neighborhoods came through clearly in the application responses. We are excited to continue to work alongside residents every step of the way as we move forward in this process.

The Community Panel, which consists of nine Flint residents, will help us design the voting process for $1 million in grants for neighborhood improvement.

Congratulations to the residents selected to be on the Community Panel:

  • Jamelle Glover
  • Marcus Brown
  • Keysa Smith
  • Aurora Sauceda
  • Cade Surface
  • Kathy McGaughy
  • Allie Herkenroder
  • Jef Johnson
  • Shareka Howard

Collectively this group offers diverse perspectives and experiences, and the panelists represent all nine wards in the city. 

Throughout November 2019, more than 440 people — the majority of whom identified themselves as Flint residents — submitted a total of 625 ideas about how to strengthen Flint neighborhoods. The category that received the most ideas was beautification/neighborhood cleanup, followed by home improvements.

Based on the priorities and ideas collected from residents in the fall of 2019, the nine members of the panel will:

  • review the data collected last fall;
  • offer input on the ideas for residents to vote on;
  • provide feedback on the size of grants for projects;
  • help us think through how the voting process should work; and
  • encourage neighbors and other Flint residents to vote.

In the spring, you will have the opportunity to vote on specific neighborhood improvement projects.

We will continue to update you as the process moves forward.

You can stay up to date on our efforts at focusonflint.org. If you have any questions, you can connect with us at 810-237-4888 or focusonflint@mott.org.

Thank you again for your interest and input as we all Focus on Flint!


¡Gracias a todos los que compartieron ideas sobre cómo fortalecer los vecindarios de Flint!

Recibimos cientos de ideas. El personal de la Fundación de Mott los ha leído todos y estamos trabajando en los próximos pasos.

Aquí hay un breve resumen:

  • Más de 400 residentes y dueños de negocios participaron en 29 conversaciones comunitarias de Focus on Flint.
  • Dejaron en claro que su prioridad principal es centrarse en los vecindarios.
  • La Fundación Mott anunció que otorgarían $1 millón en 2020 para fortalecer los vecindarios de Flint, y que pediríamos a los miembros de la comunidad que compartieran ideas y votarán sobre dónde se usaría el dinero.
  • En base a las preocupaciones compartidas durante las conversaciones comunitarias, solicitamos ideas en cuatro categorías:
    • Embellecimiento / limpieza del vecindario;
    • Mejoramiento de vivienda;
    • Demolición; y
    • Reparación de farolas y aceras.
  • A lo largo de noviembre de 2019, más de 440 personas, la mayoría de las cuales se identificaron como residentes de Flint, presentaron un total de 625 ideas.
  • La categoría que recibió más ideas fue embellecimiento / limpieza del vecindario, seguida de mejoras en el hogar.

Nueve residentes de Flint fueron elegidos para el Panel Comunitario de la Fundacion Mott

El equipo de la Fundacion Mott ha apreciado la oportunidad de interactuar con tantos residentes de varias maneras durante la iniciativa Focus on Flint. Entre el 12 y el 19 de febrero recibimos más de 100 solicitudes para el Panel Comunitario de la Fundacion Mott. ¡Gracias a todos los que aplicaron! La pasión y el compromiso que los residentes tienen por los vecindario de Flint se manifestó claramente en las respuestas de la solicitud. Estamos muy emocionados de seguir trabajando junto a los residentes en cada paso del camino a medida que avanzamos en este proceso.

El Panel de la Comunidad, que consiste de nueve residentes de Flint, nos ayudará a diseñar el proceso de votación por $1 millón en subsidios para mejoramiento devecindarios.

Felicitaciones a los residentes seleccionados para estar en el panel de la comunidad:

  • Jamelle Glover
  • Marcus Brown
  • Keysa Smith
  • Aurora Sauceda
  • Cade Surface
  • Kathy McGaughy
  • Allie Herkenroder
  • Jef Johnson
  • Shareka Howard

Colectivamente, este grupo ofrece diversas perspectivas y experiencias, y los panelistas representan los nueve vecindarios de la ciudad.

Durante noviembre 2019, más de 440 personas — la mayoría de los cuales se identificaron como residentes de Flint — sometieron un total de 625 ideas sobre cómo fortalecer los vecindarios de Flint. La categoría que recibió más ideas fue la de embellecimiento / limpieza del vecindario, seguida por mejoras en el hogar.

Según las prioridades e ideas recopiladas de los residentes en el otoño de 2019, se les pedirá a los nueve miembros del panel que:

  • revisar los datos recopilados el otoño pasado;
  • ofrecer aportes para organizar las ideas para que los residentes voten;
  • proporcionar comentarios sobre el tamaño de las donaciones para proyectos;
  • ayudar a pensar cómo debería funcionar el proceso de votación; y
  • animar a los vecinos y otros residentes de Flint a votar.

Puede mantenerse actualizado sobre nuestros esfuerzos en focusonflint.org. Si tiene alguna pregunta, puede comunicarse con nosotros por focusonflint@mott.org o 810-237-4888.

¡Gracias nuevamente por su interés y aporte ya que todos nos enfocamos en Flint!

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